August 9, 2016

We have noticed that on the LEF 300 in bidirectional mode it may be necessary to perform a Bi-Directional Alignment straight on your spherical object. This is important as some users reported unsatisfactory results with initial printing. If you are used to the LEF 20, the usage on the LEF 300 is slightly different. First try and run your job in uni-directional mode. If the results are good then it is important that you perform a bi-directional calibration on your spherical object. We recommend that you save that as a preset in the machine once completed.

We have found that the majority of our customers are printing in uni-directional on the LEF 300 due to the fact that the bi-directional may be very time consuming to adjust. If you are happy to spare the time the results are quite good but the uni-directional printing on the wide bed provides quite a substantial increase in production over the LEF 20.

It is also important to note that bi-directional printing will only work on leveled cylinders and not on cylinders with a differential height. The beginning and ending point must be of the same level otherwise bi-directional print quality is severely affected.

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